Moodle Mobile Quiz Activity Module


The Mobile Quiz module allows you to create versions of your Moodle quizzes that can be installed on mobile phones.
The quiz can then be used anywhere, anytime.
A connection to the internet is not needed once the quiz is installed on the phone.

What is a Mobile Quiz?

The Mobile Quizzes are java applications (midlets) that can be used on most modern phones - specifically any phone that supports the MIDP 1.0 specification.

Please note that the Mobile Quizzes are intended for practice only. Results cannot be submitted and attempts are not recorded when using the Mobile Quiz.

How does it work?

When a user creates a Mobile Quiz in Moodle, they select an existing quiz to mobilize. The Mobile Quiz module then sends an HTTP request to the service to create the midlet.

The midlets are stored on the servers, and the Moodle module will display links to allow the Mobile Quizzes to be downloaded.


  • Unzip the file into the moodle/mod directory. This will create a moodle/mod/mobilequiz directory containing the module.
  • Visit your admin page http://your_Moodle_address/admin/index.php to complete the installation.


  • The Mobile Quiz Moodle module uses the server to create the Mobile Quiz application. A account is therefore needed to use the module. By default the module is configured to use the moodletest account. You can use this account for testing but it is highly recommended that you create an account specifically for your own Moodle installation.
  • If you use a account other than moodletest, you will need to enter the account details via the module settings page (Administration/Modules/Activities/MobileQuiz/Settings). For version 2008051100 and lower, the configuration details are in the config.php file in the module directory.

Is it free?

Yes, however we do reserve the right to impose usage limits on the service in the future.

What version of Moodle does it work with?

The module has been tested using Moodle 1.8 and 1.9, PHP 5.2.0, Postgres 8.1 and MySQL 5.0.

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